1st year of social worker.

To touch a culture you do not know.

To touch a culture you do not know. It is a lot of fun what this is. Because a completely different culture spreads all over the world, it is very good also in such a meaning that it is a glimpse of the depth of human beings just by traveling. For example, there may be religiously different countries, others such as Brazil is based on Islam such as Samba, Muslim is based on Islamic countries etc. This really is a wide variety I was totally reminded that human beings live there. Personally I went to overseas trips Oh, I thought it was cross-cultural in the UK. Although it is the aspect of cooking, I heard that it was Japanese or not in a rough sense, or in a sense it was a Japanese. (I thought that if I change the laughter it will change product, the fishy and chips greasy feeling was not honestly familiar, but in a way meaning soccer etc. strength comes from here? I think that everyone should go and have a trip to experience Iloilo culture.

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