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The most impressive country among overseas travelers is India.

The most impressive country among overseas travelers is India. The car horn at New Delhi in India was surprised at first by leaving the airport. Every car is ringing and it is clamorous. It is exactly noisy. However, Taj Mahal, a world heritage, was wonderful. Symmetry The beauty of architecture It is a beautiful building. It's made of marble and you have to get your shoes off to get inside. The inside was cool and the air was cool. I became tense and I felt harsh. And in front of the hotel snake use blows a whistle skillfully. Around there was a crowd and it was rarely sightseeing. The meal was different from the curry Japan I knew but the taste of both people was different but the taste was good. The woman in India was also beautifully walking with dazzling wearing Sally. It was comfortable because the season from the end of March to the end of March was the most refreshing, but in the rainy season and the hot season of summer, the temperature is high and I live in harsh environment. Compared with Japan it was a fun trip where we met a rich warm smile and heart even in a harsh environment. I would like to go there again if I have the chance. In the case of

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