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It is said that

It is said that ""enjoyment of different cultures touched by traveling abroad"", but I myself have never been abroad. Did not we have the opportunity to go? However, many friends and relatives love overseas. Rather than saying a souvenir story, there are things that surprised about cultures and customs not found in Japan, and things to learn, among others, we talk about various problems and dislikes. In such a situation, a woman teacher who taught a modern Japanese at high school was a great teacher who got into Indian culture and customs, going to India more than five times a year. But the teacher 's talk about Indian culture, which we will see and see between classes, for me who has never been to India, I want to go abroad if it is a great place! It was such a terrible story that I thought it was. Everyday I think that all the Japanese culture is living is going to receive a shock to be destroyed, it seems to be awfully frustrating at first, but what I thought as a different culture Even getting to know it would be fun, or it seems to get caught. It is natural that things are completely unknown, and the feeling that the things that have been done so far will be incorrect may be exciting. I think it is necessary to know the world as well as knowledge. There may be different things there, and there may be elements that will brighten every day.

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